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We want to welcome you and thank you for visiting this site. It is our hope that you find something of value to help you on your journey heavenward. Although the Church has been here for many fruitful years this site has not, so please accept our apologies as we labor to improve and expand its functions and attributes.

Theme for 2019 - "Jesus Is"  

Try reading through the Bible in Chronological order and behold the wonder. (download readings order) (Reading order, full page)(save download to computer then print)

We know that it can be stressful when going to someplace you have not been before. To help reduce that stress it seemed good to provide you a list of things you can expect to find us doing on a typical Sunday Morning Just click the link below to go to the "What to Expect" page. Thanks for coming!

Metz Church Building

A place to worship, grow, belong, serve and so much more. Please Come Join Us.

Sunday Worship - 9:30 am

Sunday Bible study/Sunday School - 10:30 am

Wednesday Bible Study/Prayer Meeting - 7:00 pm

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