Metz Christian Church

Where Jesus Is Lord

Jesus on the CrossHow Much Did God Love You? Hmmm! Let me think.

Jesus shed His blood on the cross for you; that precious blood was the price paid for your soul. He did this because of His love for you. Even now as He labors from the Throne of the Father He exercises His power, might, and authority on your behalf. If there is a need that you have, then ask Him to help. Jesus is both able and willing.

A Prayer for the "Blessing of the Bikes"

A Prayer for Soldiers in Training

National Day of Prayer 2011

Is there a need in your life or the life or lives of someone you know that is in need of Godly intervention? If there is and you would like to have someone pray for you or the particular need that is on your heart then follow the link below to the prayer request page where you can submit your prayer need(s) Thanks and may the Lord Jesus bless you this day.