Metz Christian Church

Where Jesus Is Lord

1-6-2013Resolve  (2Thes.1:11-12)     (Audio File - Resolve)  
1-13-2013Glorify    (1Cor.6:19-20)     (Audio File - Glorify)  
1-20-2013It's a God Thing (Ps.139:13-16)     (Audio File)  
1-27-2013A Walk in Time (1Jn.5:18-20)     (Audio File) Power Point 
2-3-2013The Task is Too Heavy (Deut.1:9-18)   (Audio File)  
2-10-2013The Journey (Heb.11:13-16)     (Audio File - The Journey)  
2-17-2013What's Your Treasure?  (Luke 12:32-34)  
2-24-2013The Church (Dan.4:2-3)   (Audio File - The Church)Power Point 
3-3-2013The Church Intended  (Dan.2:44; Mat.16:16-19)   (Audio File)  
3-10-2013The Church - The Living Body of Christ  (Col.3:1-3)    (Audio File)  
3-17-2013Church Essence    (Audio File)  
3-24-2013Mirror Mirror on the Wall (Psa.139:1-4, 23-24)   (Audio File)  
4-7-2013Traits of a Healthy Family, Part 1     (Audio File)  
4-14-2013Traits of a Healthy Family, Part 2     (Audio File)  
4-21-2013Traits of a Healthy Family, Part 3     (Audio File)  
4-28-2013Traits of a HEalthy Family, Part 4    (Audio File)  
5-5-2013Traits of a Healthy Family, Part 5     (Audio File)  
5-12-2013Mother Load (Prov.31:30)   (Audio File)  
5-19-2013Traits of Knowing  (Jer.22:16)     (Audio File)  
5-26-2013Memorial Daze   (Psl.78:3-6)     (Audio File)  
6-2-2013God's Purposes  (Psl.56:8-13)     (Audio File)      
6-9-2013Be The Blessing  (Isa.32:1-8)      (Audio File)  
6-16-2013Guest Speaker - Marvin Mason  
6-23-2013The Deception Slayer  (Rev.12:9; 20:2-3)     (Audio File)  
6-30-2013The Hindrance Remover   (Luke 8:11-15)     (Audio File)  
7-7-2013Worthy   (Rev.5:9-14)     (Audio File)  
7-14-2013What    (Mat.18:3)  
7-21-2013Umbrellas and Blessings   (Mic.3:9-12)  
7-28-2013Watched    (Job.10:12)  
8-4-2013Conquest    (Mat.28:18-20)  
8-11-2013VBS Debriefing    (1Thes.3:5)  
8-18-2013Committed    (Rom.6:17)     
8-25-2013York Richland Fellowship  
9-1-2013God's Gift  (Ecc.3:12-13)    
9-8-2013Evaluations   (Psal.26:2)       
9-15-2013Biblically Speaking    (Isa.55:6-9)      
9-22-2013Revelation Theology    (Rev.1:1-3)  
9-29-2013Patient Endurance    (Rev.13:7-10)  
10-6-2013Preparations' Haste    (Rev.14:12)       
10-13-2013Fine Linen    (Rev.19:8)           
10-20-2013Weaving Threads     (Rev.19:7-8)          
10-27-2013God of the Living     (Mat.22:29-32)       
11-3-2013Prelude to Thanksgiving (Rev.1:19-25 (21))    Thanksgiving)  
11-10-2013Veterans Day (2Tm.2:1-7 (3-4)) (Video of Billy Graham's final Address played instaed of my sermon. MH)    
11-17-2013Book of Life (Rev.21:23-27 (27))        
11-24-2013Youth Lead worship Video  (Well done, proud of you)  
12-1-2013Guest Speaker  
12-8-2013Teach n Taught (Mal.2:6-7)   Video shown during lesson -viewed around minute 17.47 "Rita Pierson" by TED)  
12-15-2013Ten Till Then (Luke 2:1-39)    
12-22-2013Joseph's Considerations (Mat.1:18-25)     
12-29-2013Wise Men Still Seek Him (Mat.2:1-12)