Metz Christian Church

Where Jesus Is Lord

1-5-2014Drops in a Bucket (Ecc1:14)  Video of Drops in a Bucket  
1-12-2014Profitable Exercise (1Tim.4:7-8) (no video)  
1-19-2014Righteous Do Right (Rev.22:10-21 (11))  (no video)  
1-26-2014Given Everything Needed  (2Pet.1:2-8)  (no video)  
2-2-2014Impact Resolution  (Psa.19:1-14 (1-4))  (no video)  
2-9-2014Stasis  (Psa.112:1-10 (7))  (no video)  
2-16-2014Whisper's Echo (Mat.10:26-27 (5-42) (no video)  
2-23-2014Just In Case (1Cor.15:1-29) (no video)  
3-2-2014Self-Image Projector (Psa.14:1) (No Video)  
3-9-2014Meat N Taters (Acts 20:27; Isa.9:6-7 LXX) (No Video)  
3-16-2014These Three Things (Psa.25:20) (Video of These Three Things)  
3-23-2014Traveling Advisory  
3-30-2014Work is not a Four Letter Word  
4-6-2014Moral Christianity or Christian Godliness  
4-13-2014Triumph's CallVideo of Sermon 
4-20-2014Sunrise (7:00 am)    Victorious Rising (9:30)Video of Sermon 
4-27-2014Don't You Know?Video of Sermon 
5-4-2014Pentecost (Pentecost not preached)  (Guest Speaker - Lee Bracey) (Map)Video of Sermon 
5-11-2014The Mother HonoredVideo of Sermon 
5-18-2014The Promise    (Acts 2:38-39)Video of Sermon 
5-25-2014Reasons for Remembering    (Ex.3:15)Video of Sermon 
6-1-2014What Does The Living God Deserve?   (Acts.3:13)Video of Sermon 
6-8-2014Guest Speaker   (Guest Speaker - John Stephenson)   
6-15-2014Father Knows    (Prov.4:20-27)Video of Sermon 
6-22-2014Words of Life   (Acts.5:20)Video of Sermon 
6-29-2014The Question    (Acts.7:1 (6:8-7:60))Video of Sermon 
7-6-2014Gall and Bond    (Acts.8:23)Video of Sermon 
7-13-2014Do You Understand?   (Acts.8:30-31)Video of Sermon 
7-20-2014Zombies, The Walking Dead   (Acts.9)Video of Sermon 
7-27-2014Conversations    (Acts.Rom.10:17)Video of Sermon 
8-3-2014Re-Purposed    (1Pet.2:1-14)  
8-10-2014God    Isa.45:21-23Video of Sermon 
8-17-2014Indoctrinate or Educate   Acts 9:20-11Video of Sermon 
8-24-2014By Three's    Acts 10:6,16,22; 11:14Video of Sermon 
8-31-2014Winds of Change    Acts 11:19-30Video of Sermon 
9-7-2014Church Prayer    Acts 12:1-24  
9-14-2014Enemy of Righteousness    Acts 13:5-12 (9-11)  
9-21-2014Family Ties    Eph.3:14-21Video of Sermon
9-28-2014The Gate To Heaven   Acts 14:22Video of Sermon 
10-5-2014Saved Thru Grace   Acts 15:7-11Video of Sermon 
10-12-2014Salvation Dynamics    Acts 16:13-15  
10-19-2014In Jesus' Name   Acts 16:16-18Video of Sermon 
10-26-2014Divide And Conquer    Acts 18:4-6Vidio of Sermon 
11-2-2014Holy Conflict    Acts 19:23 (23-41)Vidio of Sermon 
11-9-2014Hesitations    Acts 20:17-38 (20, 27)Vidio of Serman 
11-16-2014God's Doing    Acts 20:28Vidio of  Sermon 
11-23-2014The Right Way    Acts 22:4Vidio of  Sermon 
11-30-2014Guest Speaker  (Marvin) Vidio of  Sermon 
12-7-2014Journey's End    2Pet.3:1-18Vidio of  Sermon 
12-14-2014Fruit Basket    Acts 26:20Vidio of  Sermon 
12-21-2014Fear Not    Acts 27:23-26Vidio of  Sermon 
12-28-2014The Journey    Eph.4:17-24Video of Sermon