Metz Christian Church

Where Jesus Is Lord

1-4-2015The Journey - From darkness to light    1Pt.1:17-25      Power PointVideo of Sermon 
1-11-2015Wings of Healing    Mal.4:1-6 (2)Video of Sermon 
1-18-2015Healing   2Chr.7:14Video of Sermon 
1-25-2015Advocates Help    Job 33Video of Sermon 
2-1-2015That is Why!    1Cor.11:29-30 (20-34)Video of Sermon 
2-8-2015Belly Buttons and Bone Marrow   Prov.3:7-8   (Extra Handout Prov.3)Video of Sermon
2-15-2015Biblical Diet    Psa.104:13-15  
2-22-2015Daily Bread    Mat.6:11; 1Tim.4:3-5  
3-1-3015Jesus Self-Defined    Jn.6:35  
3-8-2015Light of the World    Isa.60:19-20  
3-15-2015The Door    John 10:1,7,9  
3-22-2015The Good Shepherd    John 10:6-18 (11,14)  
3-29-2015True Vine    John 15:1-4 (1-11)  
4-5-2015The Facts of Easter Morn     John 20     Power Point for Sunrise Serv  
4-12-2015Peace be With You    John 20:26  
4-19-2015Travis Wilhelm   (From Trine Campus House) see videoTravis Sermon 
4-26-2015Church Health - the Journey    (Acts 6:7)  
5-3-2015The Church Value   (Acts 9:31)  
5-10-2015The Church Life    (1 Pet.2:4-12)  
5-17-2015The Value of Learning   (Jn.6:45; Phil.4:9)  
5-24-2015Natural verses Spiritual   (1Cor.2:9-16)  
5-31-2015Trained Workman   (Mat.13:52)  
6-7-2015Elohim   (Gen.1:1)  
6-14-2015Wisdom's Beginning   (Prov.1:7; 9:10)  
6-21-2015Wisdom's Review   (Deut.10:12-22)  
6-28-2015Down for the Count or I've Fallen and Can't get up (Gen.3:1ff)  
7-5-2015Prayed Peace   (Jer.29:4-14 (1-32))  
7-12-2015God Would Never, Would He?   (Ex.33-34)  
7-19-2015Covenanted   (Ex.19:3-6)  
7-26-2015Made Complete   (Heb.10:14 (11-18))  
8-2-2015Sustaining Presence   (Ex.33:13-17)  
8-9-2015God, King and Kingdom   (Ex.19:6; 1Pt.2:9; Rev.1:5-6)  
8-16-2015God's Faithfulness   (Deut.28)  
8-23-2015Messiah   (John 1:41)  
8-30-2015Active Waiting   (2Pt.3:10-12)  
9-6-2015Spirit Is   (Ezek.36:22-36 (26-27))  
9-13-2015Prevailing Winds   (1Tim.2:1-3; 2Chr.7:14 (12-15)  
9-20-2015Freedom's Celebration   (Lev.25:8-10) 
9-27-2015Anger, Wrath and Rage, Oh My!   Ps.4:4; Eph.4:26-32)  
10-4-2015Righteous Pursuits   (Ps.34)  
10-11-2015Jesus Sees    (1Pt.3:10-13)  
10-18-2015Book of Truth   (Dan.10:21; Ps.139:16)  
10-25-2015Hearing Victoriously   (Revv.2:7,11,17,26; 3:5,6,12,13,21,22)  
11-1-2015Nikos = to utterly vanquish   (Rev.2+3)  
11-8-2015He Did - Therefore    (Rev.1:3-6)  
11-15-2015Nominal   (Rev.3:14-22)  
11-22-2015Agreement    (1Cor.1:10)  
11-29-2015Thanks Giving    (2Cor.9:8-15)  
12-6-2015Tensions Riddle    (Isa.61:1-3; 10-11)  
12-13-2015Wasted Days an Wasted Nights...    (Isa.54:4-5)  
12-20-2015Jesus - Name Above all Names     (Num.6:22-27)  
12-27-2015Debarkation     (Psal.139:1-6)