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Jesus on the CrossHow Much Did God Love You?

Hmmm! Let me think.

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Magnified areas of painting: The Inscription, Woman on the Left, Woman on the RightWoman in the Middle

The following 2 listings are a video and a power point of the same lesson done at Morton Il on 3-1-2009 Unfolding Mysteries Vid. Unfolding Mysteries ppt. By clicking either the file should down load and then be un-zip-able. Be patient please.

A Prayer for Soldiers in Training

A Prayer for the "Blessing of The Bikes"2010

A Prayer for the "Blessing of The Bikes"2011

Join us in reading through the bible this year in Chronological order. Download, print and read along with us as we journey through the years of God's people. 

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There is so much that I would love to tell you about Jesus, His Church, the Kingdom of God, why Jesus came to die on the cross, what His greatest sacrifice was and so much more. I would love to unfold the word of God and show you what Jesus' death and his resurrection truly accomplished for you and what you need to do to take advantage of His free offer.

Jesus made it possible for you to become what He is and there is no science that can duplicate, replicate, or in any other fashion accomplish what He will do for you - give you life. As we move through the future prepared for us by the Almighty there will be added to this page some special studies to help you reach a deeper understanding of what Jesus has done for you and what you are becoming because of His success through the Heavenly Father. Until then if I or one of our leadership team can be of any help to you on your journey, please contact us. Thank you, Mike H.

Mystery of the Gospel explained 2-10-2014 (pdf)