Metz Christian Church

Where Jesus Is Lord

What to Expect on every and any Given Sunday.

Prayer - It is our practice to lift up the needs of our people and the needs of others to Jesus. We are confident that He hears our prayers and honors our requests. His word gives us these promises of assurance. A long testimony of His answering our prayers are the praise on our Lips too His glory for He does intercede to the Father on our behalf.

Reading - God's Word is read often for it is the source of understanding and confirming truth. His Truth. His Word as found in Holy Scripture is also the source and foundation of faith which is necessary to bring a person to salvation.

Lord's Supper (Communion) - Jesus, as recorded for us in Scripture, instituted the Lord's Supper when He participated in the last Passover Meal with His disciples just before He was carried away to be tried and executed for sins not His own. Paul tells us that we are to do this often in remembrance of Jesus and in so doing we proclaim His death until He returns again to take His children home with Him.

Singing - Lifting our voices in song is an integral part of the worship of God. It is one of the forms or ways in which we can show Him Glory and Honor and Praise. We too are benefited in this participation for it also lifts our spirits and souls to a higher level of devotion. It also serves as a means of educating one another concerning God and His Kingdom and His Word and His people.

Preaching (Teaching) - The proclamation of God's Word is vital to the growth and expansion of God's Kingdom. Through preaching people are taken to a better understanding of their need for God's salvation because of sin and judgment. The saved are also taught through this same Word how to grow in their Christian Journey Heaven ward and in so doing develop their own Christian Characteristics so that they too can labor in the cause of Christ Jesus; the salvation of the world. There is NO other way that a person can escape the judgments to come and find peace with God and a rich inheritance in eternity.

Collection (Giving of the Offerings) - It is Gods' own command that compels us to honor Him with the fruits of our Labors. Tithing as it is called is an honor and a privilege to give back to God what He has so graciously given us. (Isn't it great to know that He desires for you to have 90% and Himself for His Kingdom and Church 10% ?)

Fellowship - The fellowship of the saints is such a blessing. The sharing of our lives with each other is one of the ways in which we grow and develop as a family and as individuals. None of us would reach any significant level of maturity were it not for our coming together in fellowship one with another. As steel sharpens steel, so does one person sharpen another.

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